Runners' Beans

Most runners' neglect these - do you?

You know the scene.  

You get back from your run.  You check your time... do your stretches (or not)...then perhaps you reach for your protein powder (or chocolate milk), to start the muscle repair.

"Awesome", the vitamins and minerals of your body think, "we'll be next"!   Actually they don't have time to think as they are pretty busy carrying out the roughly 1 BILLION chemical reactions occurring in your body.....EVERY EVERY CELL. (and you think you're tired!). 

It's lucky they aren't thinking they'll "be next", because 9 time out of 10 you, and thousands of other runners, completely, IGNORE them.  And this neglect is causing runners to not only run slower, but potentially cause long term damage to their bodies. 

We know first hand what it is like to run on a half empty tank.  

Marathon training in 100% humidity Singapore - need we say more?

The problem we kept coming up against is the lack of supplements designed for runner's daily nutrient needs.  Sure, there are protein powders, gels and energy bars galore, but nothing to replenish our essential vitamin and mineral stores.  

We've had to take a Vitamin B complex AND a multi-vitamin, and it definitely makes a difference BUT is a) a hassle and b) still doesn't have the cover we feel we need for as runners.  

So, a year or so ago we set off on a journey to create our own kick ass running supplement.  

"How exciting" we thought as we skipped naively into research.  How hard can it be?  VERY hard as it turned out; Very bloody hard indeed.

Fools - turn back now!

We knew we, (or any other runner we knew), did not want to be popping pills three times a day.   When we started looking however, a dose of 2-4 pills a day seemed unavoidable to get the levels we knew runners' need.

We needed to find an INNOVATIVE solution, not just rely on what was currently on the market.

Then we found our answer...[queue the sound of trumpets] liquid!

Just like that water station at at mile 20, we knew liquid was what we needed.....but with less pain and more excitement about what is still to come.

Water stop for marathon runners

Here's a few reasons why we LOVE liquid:

Convenient - no more vitamin bottles expiring in the kitchen drawer because you keep forgetting to take them!  An easy to take shot each day is all you need.

Effective -  Liquid is the Garmin of supplements, it does what all the others do...just better.  How so, you ask?  Well, how does an estimated 80% better absorption rate sound for starters?  If you would like to know more about absorption (and lets face it who doesn't) you could sign up here and i'll send you are few fascinating running articles to astound your friends with at dinner parties - or just use to make you a better, healthier runner.

It's the future - New technology brings easier and better ways to do things (think iphone bringing apps to the world).  The liquid format has the same benefit, easier and better ways to incorporate the micro-nutrients (or other goodies) we want.

So, after over a year of research and testing....(you can see how the process aged us)....

Daily Tonic is here and ready to help you crack your PR without cracking your body!

Daily Tonic is: 

.... custom made to our UNIQUE formulation by a cGMP and NSF certified manufacturer in the USA.

.... full of the micro-nutrients all humans need to live but at the LEVELS runners (aka super humans) need to run.

..... made with the most effective ingredient sources (not all forms of micro-nutrients are equal)

..... delivered in the most innovative, effective format to give you great results.

.... tasty enough to drink straight but easily blended with smoothies or juice.

Daily Tonic is NOT:

.... an off the shelf formula wrapped up in our branding 

.... something to take once a week after or just before a long run.  It is to be taken every day to keep your body nourished & ready for all you challenge it with.

....a magic bullet negating a crap diet.


Runners' Beans Daily Tonic


We take Daily Tonic and we love it, but don't take our word for it.  Here are a few of the comments we've received from runners who have started taking it:

"What the heck did you put in this stuff??!  I feel amazing? I did 18mi last week and felt better the same day than I've felt after a half before..."  Shanna, Texas

"...I'm on day 4 and feel absolutely amazing and energised from first marathon." Jennifer, Arizona

If you have realised a vitamin & mineral replenishment is a good idea (it is), and you are now thinking, 'best I pop over to that website named after a Brazilian rainforest to see what they have', let me save you some time.  

You of course will find many, many, MANY supplement companies claiming to be able to help you.  There are only TWO designed for runners.  

One is worth buying, one...well, one is not.  It is the cheapest, BUT with Daily values for those normal humans I mentioned not the super ones like you. You can find more about Daily values here.  So, not so cheap after you have to buy a Vitamin B complex to go with it.

The other one, has a good formulation, but your daily serve is 3 large TABLETS - yes tablets, not capsules, very old school, but not in a good way. Ideally spaced out around meal times. 50 bucks says it's half full in your drawer in a month.

You might also be thinking you don't need any extra support because you have a great diet. Firstly, kudos to you for taking care of what goes in, not just the miles you do.  We like to think we have too. Then we read just what you need to be eating to get all you need!  


It certainly shocked us, and there is no way we are managing it day in day out.  Click here to get a downloadable .pdf which shows you which foods have which micronutrients in them - it's a great resource from  

Daily Tonic (in combination with a good diet), makes sure we are getting what we need, plus we can vary our intake time to suit our training plan, not so easy with meal planning.  

So, give your hard working body what it needs & deserves (1 billion reactions, per second, per cell).  Check out Daily Tonic from us, the almost as hard working crew of Runners' Beans.  

If you are not sure it is for you, but would like to hear more nutrition information from us you can sign up below.  I know I know, yawn, but nutrition is such a BIG part of running healthily, yet it seems to get the least attention.  We will do our best to make it sexy but simple.


*Disclaimer: Please note that results may vary from person to person.