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Daily values est. 1968 - are they out of date?

Daily values est. 1968 - are they out of date?

You have probably heard the advice of choosing a multi-vitamin with no more than the recommended daily value (DV) of each ingredient.  We think this advice needs updating as these values were established as long ago as 1968.  They were the levels the medical authorities declared would keep the majority of the population from getting sick.

While these levels are a good starting point, we think we should be aiming for OPTIMAL health not just 'not getting sick'.  

As well as having what we think is the wrong goal, the levels were designed to be applied to the general population, not groups of people with particular needs.  For example they do not distinguish between the needs of a sedentary adult and an adult who does a lot of exercise such as a runner.

Given they were established almost half a century ago it is not surprising they also do not account for the impact of modern lifestyles and food either.   The drain on our body's resources each time we breathe in traffic pollution, eat processed food or get highly stressed is different from what we coped with fifty years ago.

Therefore, while we view the DV's as a start point, we have looked at what volumes have had effect in studies and tried to replicate those volumes.  Or, we have taken a lead from institutions such as the Vitamin D council, experts in their area.

Each Daily tonic component has been researched based on what a runner needs, not just what the recommended daily intake is.  We have mega dose volumes on some vitamins, but everything is well within toxic limits.   You could even try taking two shots (morning and night not at the same time) leading up to a big event perfectly safely. 

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