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About us

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Hi.  We're Justin and Sally and we're excited you are here, reading our story.

Our dream is to run a business providing great running products and information so we can serve and connect with awesome runners all around the world.

Running for us is one half of having a strong, healthy body so we can enjoy living with more energy and spirit.  How we fuel our bodies is the equally important other half.  It's at the intersection of these two passions, running & nutrition, where Runners' Beans was born. 

It was during training for his first marathon in Singapore (madness in that humidity, do not do it!), Justin first discovered the challenge of finding a good runners' daily supplement.  Despite there being no shortage of products on the market, none of them were designed specifically for runners.  So, we started the (long) process of researching our own formulation.  

After more than a year of research and manufacturer selection, (we only wanted the best), Daily Tonic was launched and we believe it's the best daily supplement for runners on the market.  

We'd love to hear from you regarding any of our products, or products you think we should stock.  Or maybe you have a great recipe, like this one,  we can share with our community?  We particularly love connecting with running clubs so if you are part of a great club, let us know and we will see what we can do to support it.

Happy running, 

Justin & Sally