Runners' Beans


Our friends at Runners’ Connect have written a great article about how to get the most out of training on a track.

It can be an intimidating place if not used to it, but as you will read it can be a fun and a place to challenge yourself in a different way. Give it a go, you just might discover you love it!


Loved this write up on Daily Tonic from Quad Cities online.  Very much enjoyed meeting all the Quad City runners, all who totally got the need to keep their bodies strong through increased macronutrient intake.


It's been a fun week for the Runners' Beans Team as we continue our trip through the States.  Last weekend we were at the Quad Cities Marathon Expo in Moline, IL and 2 of the team ran the full and half the day later.  We've also met with some cool runners in San Fran, Wash


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