Runners' Beans

What’s fueling your running?

Daily Tonic is for runners who care about their health as much as their miles.

(Hint: That should be everyone)


Houston we have a problem...

I'm fit so I must be healthy...right? Sorry team, but wrong. We love running as much as you do, but we need to realise in order to get some of the benefits, we use up a LOT of essential vitamin & minerals. Continual running on inadequate fuel leads to slower recovery, injury and longer term health problems.

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But I've got a great diet....

Awesome! So do we...but with declining soils & early picking practices it is SUPER hard to get all your micronutrients through diet alone (plus have you seen the list of what you have to eat daily to cover the full spectrum of micronutrients? Suffice to's long!) For those of you who DON'T have a great diet.....why do all the hard work & then ruin it with crap fuel??

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The answer: a daily shot of goodness

Daily Tonic has been made to deliver WHAT you need, at the VOLUME you need to keep you running healthy. It's unique liquid format gives you 80% more absorption than a tablet and one shot a day is all you need. So much more good stuff to tell you about this good stuff so please read on or click the link.

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By far the most beneficial vitamin supplement I've ever used! Being a skeptic, I didn't expect much... but long runs have become easier and I'm recovering faster between workouts.

– Seth Baird, Charlotte, North Carolina

This product has been a Sunday Savior for me! Daily Tonic has helped me get out of that slump! No more head aches or exhaustion, I strongly recommend this product to all runners!

– Cari McMaster, Montgomeryville

I was using Runners’ Beans when a family member gave me a product I thought was pretty similar. I used it for a month & noticed I was feeling more tired. I decided to go back on Runners’ Beans ... after a few days I felt a lift in energy.... I wouldn’t attribute everything that happened to changing supplements, but I can’t deny that I feel better on Runners' Beans.

– Josh Crocker, Oklahoma City

I’m going to be 71 years old in a couple of months & run regularly. I have learned to be careful about my nutrition to enjoy the running experience & avoid injuries. Daily Tonic has helped me loosen up more quickly & recover faster before, during & after my daily workouts.

– Harold Wiens, Wisconsin

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