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Sun Safety for Runners

Sun Safety for Runners

For most of us, the sun is starting to beat down heavily and as runners' who spend a lot of time in it, we need to protect ourselves more than most.  

Take sun protection seriously people, SKIN CANCER IS THE MOST COMMON FORM OF CANCER IN THE USA.

Sun Safety tips

Get your vitamin D boost early or late: This time of year is a good time to give your Vitamin D stores a boost from the sun.  In order to do this you need to expose your skin to the sun for 10-20minutes (depending on your skin tone, less for fair, more for dark).  Do this in the morning or late afternoon when you can get the rays without the risk.

SPF 30 or higher.  Note that SPF only rates protection against UVB radiation.  You need a product that protects against UVA too, so check the active ingredients on the label (see below).

 Physical over Chemical.  Physical sunscreens help to stop more radiation from reaching the skin, last longer on the skin, are less likely to cause irritation, and start to work immediately.  If a ‘physical’ or ‘chemical’ classification isn’t clear on the label, read the active ingredients. Physical sunscreens will use high levels of either zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide.

 Water Resistant.  We've all experienced it when sunscreen runs into our eyes and we are left squinting for the rest of the run.  This also means the sunscreen isn't working as well as it should. So, choose a sunscreen that is labeled as ‘water resistant’ for a period of 40 or 80 minutes. Make sure you apply after this time if you've been sweating. 

And remember.....

  • Apply 15 to 30 minutes before you go out in the sun.
  • Don’t skimp. Most people don’t use enough and only get 10% to 25% of the benefit.
  • Don’t forget the easy-to-miss spots, like the tips of your ears, your feet, the back of your legs, and, if you have one, your bald spot.
  • Wear a hat at all times.  Check out our specially designed Boco Gear hats.  Use discount code sunsafe for a 10% discount.

Runners' Beans Recommends

Peak sunscreen for runners

Last summer we started using Peak Sunscreen.  
We liked that its SPF 30 mineral based, contains only natural ingredients, is water resistant (up to 80 mins), has broad UVA / UVB spectrum coverage and is eco friendly.  
It also does the job when out on a run.  We never experienced any sunscreen in our eyes and noticed that we weren't coming back EVEN slightly burnt! It's sold out on their own site at present, but seems to be available on Amazon.