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Runners Digest #2

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Friday means Runners Digest day, to kick start whatever running challenges you've got on this weekend.  
We are feeling rather psyched this week as our awesome new Team Runners' Beans running tops rolled off the press.  You can check them out on our team members by looking for #teamrunnersbeans on Instagram.  They are made by the fantastic Tasc Performance, if you haven't checked out their gear yet, you can here.

We hope you like what we've curated for you this week. We're not sponsored by any of the products we mention, we just like to share the things we find which we think could add value to your running.  If you want to feel a little envious, or perhaps inspired, check out the offices of the Stance socks (profile below) on their website.   

Tip of the Week

Fartlek, which means "speed play" in Swedish, is a training method that blends continuous training with interval training.  Put simply, its an unstructured run and we run it like this:
See an object and run as hard as possible to that object.  Get there, slow down and run normally until the next random object you decide to run hard towards.  
We've been doing this training run for years. Its an exercise that hits all 3 of our energy  systems (Aerobic, Lactic Anaerobic and Alactic Anaerobic).  Try it out on your next training run - it will be sure to improve your speed and endurance.

Put a sock in it

Stance running socks - great running socks

Who would have thought that socks could be made to look & feel ultra hip?  Well, the team at Stance did.  This company is seriously cool with top athletes from a variety of sports, iconic performers and artists all happily endorsing them.  

Their performance running socks are the bomb.  We've been running in their socks for a while now and have noticed the feeling of comfort, responsiveness and lack of soreness at mile 26 or beyond.  

With so many great designs and lengths, there is something for everyone.  Check them out.  Be warned though, you'll never look at a normal running sock in the same way again.

Wings for Life World Run

This is a global charity event with a unique format.  It’s a worldwide run where everybody starts simultaneously and the finish line chases you!

Here’s how it works: On one day each year, the Wings for Life World Run takes place at event locations across the planet. Everybody starts at exactly the same moment, 11am UTC, May 7. Whether it’s day or night, bright sun or pouring rain at your location – you’re running together with the world and sharing an amazing experience. 
Can’t make it to an event location? It’s easy to join the global race. Get the App and you’ll be chased by a Virtual Catcher Car at the same time as all the other runners around the globe. 

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