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Runners Digest #1

Runners Digest #1
Time for the weekly round up of what is happening out there in the world of running. If you would ever like this delivered every Friday just sign up to our mailing list.
Spring is definitely here and we were lucky enough to be in London catch the marathon in the sunshine.  Great temperature for the elites, probably a little hot for everyone else.  Just like Boston the week before, so many inspiring stories and awesome performances - including an amateur British runner, running his first marathon and coming in 12th.  There is hope for us all!
Trail running inspiration
Justin has recently traded the road for the trail in preparation for an ultra trail race in July.   He found this quote useful during the transition (those with ego's take note!)
 "Running off road can be exhausting at first, and it may take you up to twice as long as your normal run, especially in the early stages of training. It’s wise to leave your ego at home, slow your pace and focus on finding a new rhythm."
An awesome day turned out for a great race in London.  A world record from Mary Keitany and an exciting battle in the mens race.  
Daniel Wanjiru held off an inspired fight back from the legend Kenenisa Bekele. It was amazing to see Kenenisa go through a real low point (the commentators had all written him off), but then draw on his mental toughness to fight his way back to within seconds of Wanjiru.

Torq gels - nutrition for runnersTorq's endurance gels are the new breed of gels.  They come in four really tasty candy like dessert flavours (Rasberry Ripple being our fav), require no water to wash down and have none of the dodgy aftertaste, or negative impact on the stomach.  
They do the job too with 2:1 Multiple Transportable Carbohydrates and 5 core electrolytes in every gel.  
There is a caffeine option and all are dairy & wheat free, 100% derived from natural sources and are vegan friendly.
Until next week remember:
“It never gets easier, you just get stronger”​​​​​​​

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