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Get the best out of Daily Tonic

After listening to our customer feedback we've put together a few tips to ensure you get the best out of the investment you have made in Runners' Beans Daily Tonic.  

1. The Basics

Firstly, we've had some feedback about the cap on our bottle.  While its great that you can use it to measure your oz shot, it can turn into a drippy mess!  We recommend, you rinse the cap and give it a shake before you replace it.  If only all things had such a simple solution.

2. When to take

Non-runners are easy to instruct as to when to take a multi-vitamin: first thing in the morning with breakfast.  However, us runner types do all sorts of strange things like run first thing in the morning, sometimes with no food first....none of which is good for absorbing vitamins and minerals.  So, as a rule of thumb, take your Daily Tonic shot: 

a) with food

b) Minimum of half an hour either side of a run/workout - this is because we need your body in absorption mode, not usage mode to get all the goodies inside your body.

c) If a non-run day then just take it in the morning with your breakfast.

3. What can you expect?

We are getting loads of feedback from customers who notice a big increase in energy levels.  This is largely to do with the awesome levels of Vitamin B and D which Daily Tonic has.  Because Vitamin B's are not stored it's an easy one to run low on, so when you get those levels back on tract, you feel a big boost in energy.  This should normalise over time, you won't feel a big 'hit' of energy because your body will simply be operating at this level all the time. Nice one!

Although this feeling of increased energy is good, it can set up the expectation that you should 'feel' something every day.   As fabulous as we know our formulation is, it's not actually a MAGIC POTION.   What we want is to give the body LONG TERM support.  

We see Daily Tonic as part of a healthy diet contributing to our overall health and longevity.

What we eat; our protein and carbs intake, micronutrients from Daily Tonic, all of it works together to ensure we can keep running and doing all the things we love, for longer.   What we don’t want is to feel great for 10 years while we run, but then have our body give out on us because we have made "too many withdrawals, not enough deposits".

What's the saying 'boy, your ego is making checks your body can't cash'.  Daily Tonic makes it more likely your body can KEEP cashing the checks you want to write when you are pushing yourself in your running.

We want you to be able to maximise the benefits for all runners so do get in touch with any questions at all, we're happy to help.

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*Disclaimer: Please note that results may vary from person to person.