Runners' Beans

Don't take this because it makes you faster

DAILY Tonic running supplement to help runners recover

Take it because it makes you healthier!

Daily Tonic gets a lot of great reviews from runners who feel an energy lift and run faster and stronger.  

It's great our customers can 'feel a difference', but, there are some vitamins and minerals which DON'T give you any indication they are now at levels for optimal health.  That is, until you need them.

When you get injured perhaps, then your body will know the difference because it has the stores it needs to start the healing process.  There is a great article here, on this which I highly recommend reading.  

Other vitamins and minerals simply keep your body optimal so that it will continue to serve you now and far into the future.  

Like a race car - if you fill it up with bad fuel and never drive it, it won't stay a high performing race car for long!  BUT, equally, if you run it to its maximum, constantly testing its limits up in the 'red zone,' but don't give it exactly the fuel it needs, then it will wear out more quickly.  

Running can have a positive impact on your health but, it is false to think "I run, therefore I am healthy", or that to run is the only way to good health.

Think about all the injuries runners get - that takes a toll on the body.  Think about the runners who are constantly running their body in the 'red' zone, but don't realise the fuel levels in their body are low.  Little by little, cell damage is done that can't be undone.

We all know to exercise is a good thing, but if we do this in a way which constantly stresses our body, at some point, our body will no longer perform.  We think that's why statistics show running can be no better for you in terms of life longevity than if you lead a far more sedentary life.  We really want to change this statistic!!

Most of us run, not because it's 'healthy' or because we need to lose weight.  We run because we LOVE it, plain and simple.  And we want you to be able to keep doing the things you love, for as long as you want to do them.  

How to fuel your body so you can run for as long as you want to.

So you see, Daily Tonic might give you an energy buzz and faster times NOW, but we want you to take it because of what it gives you in the FUTURE. 

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