Runners' Beans

Don't let this be you on your next race

Runner suffering at the end of London marathon


The London marathon had many memorable moments this year.  As is human nature, the image that perhaps got the most attention wasn't a new woman's world record, or a breath taking fight back in the mens elite race.   Or a virtual amateur british runner finishing 12th in front of any of his countrymen and qualifying for the World Champs.

Nope, the story that got the most press, was in fact one of failure. David Wyeth was on for a sub-3hour marathon time when 300 yards from the finish line his body failed him.  On camera you could see he was just trying to keep his legs moving.  He then started weaving like a drunkard over the course as his body was screaming at him from the inside to stop, sit down, it had nothing left.

It was at this point that it got dramatic as another runner, Matthew Rees forgo his PR and stopped to get David over the line.  It is always great seeing the best in humanity and seeing Matthew shouting at David that he could do it, that the finish line was just there, to just keep going, you couldn't help but be moved.  Matthew did succeed in getting David over the line in a sub 3 hour time.

While this became a very touching image of the marathon it should also serve as a lesson to everyone.  Even the top runners need to get their nutrition right.  

If you are pushing your body beyond it's boundaries it needs to have the right fuel to call on in its time of need.  As far as the body is concerned running a marathon is a state of emergency, something really freaking bad must have happened to need to run for this long and this hard - it doesn't realise you are doing it for fun!! (fun...really??)

Your body needs to have emergency stores when it runs.  Correct running nutrition is key.

 It needs emergency supplies and if it goes through them and then there are none left, it is going to do what it does best which is protect at all costs the heart and the brain. It will sacrifice your legs, especially if it means it can get you to stop running so it can ensure the safety of your life giving organs!  That is its job, to keep you alive - it doesn't care about the PR you are trying to attain.

We know we say this all the time, but your nutrition plan must be as important as your training plan.  Equal.   This is not just about race day nutrition.  You need to have the foundation in place so your body is all set for the race day plan.  A great daily supplement ensures your micronutrient levels are as your body needs them.  

Put this picture on your wall as a reminder as to what happens if your body is NOT fueled properly.  Make sure you are the savior not the one needing to be saved.